blockbank news #45

The future of blockbank

Have you seen the latest news on Q2 Roadmap?
There are 4 sets of important updates that will be added in Q2 this year — regarding CeFi, DeFi, AI, and cards.

Dive into a message of our amazing CEO Ana and get to know the features better. View Q2 Roadmap

New Tokens & why you should care about it

The integration of Orion Money, Mercor, PureFi, and Derived native tokens into the application was the subsequent development for the projects. You can now buy, trade, and stake $ORION on the blockbank platform in just a few clicks.

Learn more about new tokens & how it affects you and other blockbankers. Read more

AI Bot Evolves

Our continuously evolving AI bot gathers information from blockbank’s own team insights, experience, and knowledge in addition to third-party sources such as,,,

The AI chatbot answers internet users’ questions about cryptocurrencies, predictions, blockbank applications, and about blockbank itself. In its most straightforward use, the AI chatbot acts as a single point of AI information service.

Blockbank’s development team has successfully created a chatbot on the website. We have also created a telegram channel easily able to provide cryptocurrency rate predictions.

As we see it, the main focus for Q2 will be expanding our chatbot service to other social channels such as other telegram channels and discord. In addition, we’re eager to improve cryptocurrencies rate predictions to provide even more information and accuracy. We are excited to provide a draft version for service with the ability to trade and provide portfolio management.

As we continue to develop our application and website, our users can continue to use our AI bot that can assist with various trading decisions. As individuals, we believe we are capable of making the best decisions, but ultimately, if we don’t use sound information, our decisions are based on hope, not fact. Our Robo-advisor will bridge the gap of information and help our users make better-informed choices with their finances. Together, we are changing the future of banking at blockbank.

New To the Street with Darren!

NASDAQ & Darren Meet Again! Watch our co-founder Darren on Fox Business interviewed by Jane King discussing all things blockbank!

Psst: skip to 15:02 if you want to dive right into the juiciest part of the show

Watch the Interview

You’ve had questions — we have answers!

Have you seen our recent post? 👀 We’re answering some of our AMA’s most frequently asked questions.

We know it’s been a while, and we take that kick in the butt for it. Thank you for your patience and for being a motivating and fantastic community.

Learn more about our security measures, killer features, and more! Check out the post

blockbank is going Phuket! 🚀

The Coach K Conference Experience brings together the brightest minds in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. The rarified events provide a great networking opportunity for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, both beginners, and seasoned veterans. Read more



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