blockbank Weekly Newsletter — Edition #42

Hey, blockbankers!

Tapas in Spain, crypto enthusiasts around us, staking & new partnerships.

$ORION Staking is LIVE

BIG NEWS! With the successful integration of Orion Money’s native token $ORION on the blockbank platform, we’re happy to announce that you can now stake $ORION on our app. 🚀

Earn up to 10% APY, depending on your tier status. Learn more about our staking reward tier here. Weekly rewards are deposited into the wallets every Monday. We’d say that’s an excellent way to start the week.

The partnership with Orion Money has a few developments still to come. With integration and staking now on the platform, the next expansion will be using the $ORION token as a deposit for our debit cards. Exciting, right?

Got your blockbank card waiting for you?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for 🤝

If you haven’t got the news: you can now sign up for Europes Premier Crypto Card!

The possibilities are endless: Groceries, coffee, utility bills, or buying more crypto. Which one will you choose first?

Get the most out of:
- Cash Back Incentives
- 90 Day Zero Transaction Fees
- Free virtual cards and no monthly or annual fees

We’ll be announcing more information about our crypto card and release date shortly. Stay tuned for this game-changing experience.

Sign up now!

How powerful is our AI Bot?

Are you looking for your favorite asset price predictions? The Bot will tell you all about it.

Our AI Bot can now answer close to 400 questions, adding more questions every week. This is just the beginning. The blockbank team has a lot more in store for our AI Bot. We’re excited to have our AI Bot meet our vision of helping you make informed, insightful decisions regardless of your crypto IQ. We’re getting close.

Stay up to date on blockbank’s newly-launched services and the blockbank team driving these improvements by following us on our social channels.

We’re back from the Avalanche Summit!
Too many tapas or too many crypto enthusiasts? We don’t think there’s such a thing.

Latest Avalanche platform updates, great speakers, collaboration opportunities, and like-minded innovators of the next-generation apps for Web3 — ALL IN ONE PLACE!

We’re back at our headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, and putting our new ideas to work. These conferences are inspirational and encourage us to have the best project, bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi.

It was great to connect with new and old partners such as OneInch and OpenSea.

We had a blast in Barcelona and are already looking forward to the next one. The synergies at summits like these can’t be beaten.



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